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Buckle & Seam Sierra Messenger Bag Review

The Buckle & Seam Messenger Bag – Sierra 15″ is a leather messenger bag for business use and accommodates 15″ laptops ,as we know the business bag  is more drab , but  the Buckle & Seam Messenger Bag Business Bags shouldn’t be boring anymore, tbecuase of  Buckle & Seam ombine classic designs with the linings and monograme , we will check the bag today


The Buckle & Seam Messenger Bag – Sierra 15″ is a leather messenger bag for business use and accommodates 15″ laptops. You can put the iPad and  magzine , book  in the padded laptop compartment. The Cara Leather Satchel can also fit a notebook and document folder. A separate pen slot will help you stay organized & the phone pocket fits your smartphone or power bank.

There is also a 13″ version without a handle – Cara 13″). The bag is made using full grain leather (their website states that the bag is made with the entire grain which all layers of the leather have been kept and worked together.

Package contents:

I was so excited when I received the  package . The Buckle & Seam Messenger Bag – Sierra 15″ came in a navy blue non-woven polypropylene material bag (or poly non-woven which is the same material used in reusable grocery bags)  ,it is look nice and more texture for the package .With a  printed materials about the leather and leather care also look nice. The cards were actually printed in German, so I had to use Google Translate to help me understand the information.


The leather has been vegetable tanned which is more environmentally friendly than Chrome VI tanning or other chemical tanning processes .Carefully selected 1.5 to 2mm thick premium cow leather. someone called  the leather Crazy Horse Full Grain Leather.Vegetable tanning process to avoid the use of highly polluting chemicals usually used with chrome tanned leather.



The color is true,  it is the same as with the site .  the color seem very brown – no red at all as depicted in the photo above on the right. maybe the reason of light, so the picture will be a little  difference.



The front of the bag shows how the bag is assembled with a double stitch using recycled polyester thread. The main compartment flap uses a tuck catch lock closure.


According to Buckle & Seam’s Managing Director, Marco Feelisch said  that  eveloped by our in-house design team and [is] manufactured only for us out of premium cotton, so the bag used the blue custom lining of the bag. The lining of bag look comfortable and it will be suit for the  leather color.


The bag comes with a key to lock the tuck catch lock closure. When the bag was shipped to me, the key and the Buckle & Seam tag were tied to the bag through one of the pen/pencil slots using a strip of leather as shown above.

A close-up view of the tuck catch lock closure used , I’m not sure what kind of metal the bag uses in order to determine if the hardware will endure years of use.




The key is very small and thickness. maybe it will be lose easy, but there is  ring hole, we can used a  rose theough it, then put the bag . if lose the key , maybe we  can not open the  bag .However, the locking mechanism is not complicated. The two prongs on the key insert into the lock and when turned in a clockwise direction lock the bag such that the button can no longer be pressed to release the closure. It easy to open the bag, but just be  care about the key . Dont misst it .


The D-rings are used to attach the leather shoulder strap to the bag.D-rings are attached to the bag using stitching and two metal rivets. so you can used the leather shoulder strap , if you dont like  the shoulder stap ,  you can give it up, there is a handle that you can use.You’ll also notice that all edges of leather have been sewn and sewn ,I’m a bit like seeing the raw or polished edges of my leather products, which also helps me see the quality of the leather used.

The back of the bag also shows the stitch and another zipper pocket. YKK elastic zipper for buckle and seams of the business package, according to Mr. Freelisch


There is a trolley strap so that you can slide the messenger bag over a suitcase handle to make traveling easier .


The trolley belt is attached to the bag with elastic fabric and can be stuffed into the pocket until it needs to be used again. I wonder if the elastic fabric will move over time.


The bottom and sides of the Sierra messenger bag are made from three pieces of leather.



They use leather with an average thickness of 1. 8 to 2mm. However, the bag handle is one of these areas, with two layers of thin leather stitched together to make the handle about 2 mm thick.


The leather shoulder strap is adjustable by using the metal buckle.



The straps made togher with three thin layers, but I also notice the shoulde strap can get the length they want, the straps are also stitched together. The weld seen above also exists on the other side of the same point. Again, the straps are high stress areas of the bag and are therefore more likely to fail in the future due to the design of the straps. if the strap were made entirely from one or two thick layers of leather without splicing.


The main compartment of the bag is completely lined with a cotton lining. There is a laptop pocket in this compartment. The material separating the laptop from the main compartment is sewn to the inside of the bag with two 2″ wide strips of elastic material (top and bottom) on both sides so that the bag can be stretched to accommodate a thicker laptop. The top of the laptop pocket uses a Round magnetic seal (approximately 2 cm in diameter).

The main compartment’s internal measurements are about 14″ wide x 3″ deep x 11.5″ high.


The thin zippered pocket shown above has internal measurements that about 11.25″ wide x 9.75″ high.

The front pocket measures 14.75″ wide x 8.5″ high internally.


I found that it could comfortably carry a 1″ binder and a couple of thin paper folders as well as a pencil case.


The pens fit snugly and were a bit difficult to retrieve as was my phone. My phone measures 6.25″ tall x 3.25″ wide x 0.375″ deep.So you can check themeasures of the  phone .However, when the bag is full, the photo above shows how much pressure on the handle when carrying it (I don’t even have a laptop in the bag). The leather stitched and riveted handles here is not very thick, but below the handle attachment, there is a 7″ long x 0.5″ wide strip of rigid reinforcing material hidden beneath the main compartment flap behind the bag liner.

Overall,The Sierra messenger bag was easy for me to carry using the shoulder strap,and the  leather is vegetable tanned which is more environmentally friendly than other chemical tanning processes, that is will be more great and look fashion ,it is not a boring business bag at all.

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Cult Gaia bamboo basket Bag Review,The Best Favorite of Fashion Blogger

Girls may be always lack a bag forever. The love for bags seems to be the same  for every girl. No one can stop us from buying new packages.Today I am going to give you a review of my newly purchased Cult Gaia bamboo basket bag. Cult Gaia bamboo basket bag is also has been popular for many years, Cult Gaia’s firstproducts- ark bamboo basket bag which is the use of natural bamboo materials, and this brand has been anenthusiastic pursuit of numerous fashion bloggers. we can see a lot of photos of various bloggers who carry this kind of bag. It’s really artistic and architectural, and you will become very entertained with an attitude bag. By the way, I guess you must ask me where Cult Gaia is. Cult Gaia is from Los Angeles.


The salling of Gaia’s Ark bag have been still high, in addition to the prestigious natural-tone version, the acrylic rainbow bag is also available. Then I will come and test with you today about cult gaia’s new acrylic bamboo basket. I will start with the three aspects of material, size, and matching.

Created in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, Cult Gaia designs beautiful heirloom items that will live in your closet forever. The cornerstone of Cult Gaia’s DNA has been forged with the ideal of creating Objets d’ Art that make you look twice.

The material of acrylic is more translucent than the natural bamboo material, the gloss is very strong and it is very shiny . The material is treated with marble, which makes the bag look more high level, seems  like a work of art. If the bamboo model is a holiday sense, then the acrylic model is more urban, but both are suitable for summer, I felt  a very refreshing feeling.A timeless interpretation of our classic bag.  The perfect elevated day to night clutch rendered in an eye-catching iridescent Mother of Pearl.


Acrylic materials will be better than bamboo materials, because the bamboo breaks will be break up easily , but generally speaking , it is not happen . Each acrylic material is made up of very strong transparent ropes that are invisible but strong. The top half of the bag will be decorated with beads of the same color as the bag. On the back of the handle is logo of  Cult Gaia .

Although the bag is made of acrylic material,but there is no smell at all, so don’t worry about it. Each of Cult Gaia’s bags is made by hand, so there are some small details with some deviations and differences.In this way, each package is unique.


Cult Gaia’s bamboo basket has four sizes, mini, small, large, x-large.

This is the 100% Acrylic.Includes box and dust bag, that can double as liner.

The mini measures 9″ x 2.5″ x 9″

The small measures 11.25″ x 3″ x 10″

I bought small  size of this type of bag .This size is suitable for most girls, but its capacity is enough. Mini will be more suitable for girls with smaller size. The size of the Small size is 19 cm in height, 28 cm in length, 7 cm in width and 3 cm in length. The handle gap will not be short, the hand will not get stuck when it passes, and the materil is very nice. Its weight is 0.54 kg and its weight is not heavy. The capacity is very large, we can put everything to bag, including a  large notebook can also be put in.

This bag and holiday style dress are definitely standard. Although the cult gaia bamboo basket is a brand from Los Angeles, it is not the same as many Bohemian brands in Los Angeles. Its design is more succinct and fluent, and it is in place with a clean white dress.Here are the pictures.


It has produced more colorful acrylic bags this year. These two are the new ones on hand. One is silver sequins, very shiny. With it going out of the street or on the beach, the rate of returning to the beach must be very high and it will be more energetic.

The other is graphite, but it is mixed with some light gray in it, so the whole bag is more elegant and intellectual. This one is a relatively stable temperament, very suitable for office workers, sometimes tired of the commuter bag every day, can also change this unique charm bamboo basket bag, highlighting your fashion taste while increasing Affinity.



 In addition to the unique and unique style of the bag, Cult Gaia is also very eye-catching. The earrings are made of the same acrylic material as the bag, transparent and textured. The texture details of the marble and the simple design of the big ring show the elegant .


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The Best Classic Professional work Bag For women

In popular bag design today, there is a rigid dichotomy between fashion and function. “When we were doing research, we found that a lot of fashion designers focus on aesthetics, but are not really thinking about a modern woman’s lifestyle,” says Jan Lo, who cofounded luxury-bag designer , “Fashion designers tended to treat women as objects on which to drape their creations, but these women are on the go. They want to look good, but they are also professionals with jobs to do.”

For women who travel a lot for work, finding a practical but attractive bag is a big challenge. But we can see the best classice bag for work just as below , it is square leather tote bag , we can buy or saw this model everywhere.




For me, I often found myself lugging my laptop to and from the office — not wanting to part from important files or programs I may need offsite. That, in turn, led to toting around two bags instead of one, because my everyday purse wasn’t big enough to accommodate my 13″ MacBook Air.

But I got pretty tired of pulling double-shoulder duty. I really liked the look of my bag of the past year and a half, but it was hardly the most practical option for my day-to-day needs. So I started shopping around for work bags with roomy interiors and lots of compartments.

The below one exactly what I am looking forward.Like its full-sized counterpart, the Classic tote is made for the 7am-10pm lifestyle. It features the same clever construction but with a slimmer shape and fold-down handles for tighter situations (like balanced on your lap for the commute or tucked under your chair for cocktails). The roomy interior includes a padded compartment with a magnetic closure to keep a 13” laptop or tablet safe, while pockets hold your wallet, phone, metro card and lip balm in place.







Plus, a detachable key leash keeps keys easily accessible and an oversized, brushed metal zipper allows you to effortlessly open and close your bag.



My feelings about the tote best: “It’s no longer good enough to just be ‘arm candy’. Nowadays we expect the services and products we use to multitask, to be data-driven and to work harder,” Mash told Business Insider. I think this one was the best handbag  and it is popular in the market .





Here is the size of this bag.I need a work bag that’s working for me, not against me. And like the rest of Dagne Dover’s customer base, I lead a fast-paced, on-the-go life and expect functional products that can adapt to my needs and perform beyond expectations. I want a product that fuses style with athlete-caliber function.

There  are a lot of color as below :


There are must one color will be  your best love.taht is a durable, stylish, work-appropriate leather bag. But, as with many things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts most.

It is practicality and versatility are key when it comes to your work bag.

Overall, practicality and versatility are key when it comes to your work bag; great style is the cherry on top of everything for this bag.