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The Best Classic Professional work Bag For women

In popular bag design today, there is a rigid dichotomy between fashion and function. “When we were doing research, we found that a lot of fashion designers focus on aesthetics, but are not really thinking about a modern woman’s lifestyle,” says Jan Lo, who cofounded luxury-bag designer , “Fashion designers tended to treat women as objects on which to drape their creations, but these women are on the go. They want to look good, but they are also professionals with jobs to do.”

For women who travel a lot for work, finding a practical but attractive bag is a big challenge. But we can see the best classice bag for work just as below , it is square leather tote bag , we can buy or saw this model everywhere.




For me, I often found myself lugging my laptop to and from the office — not wanting to part from important files or programs I may need offsite. That, in turn, led to toting around two bags instead of one, because my everyday purse wasn’t big enough to accommodate my 13″ MacBook Air.

But I got pretty tired of pulling double-shoulder duty. I really liked the look of my bag of the past year and a half, but it was hardly the most practical option for my day-to-day needs. So I started shopping around for work bags with roomy interiors and lots of compartments.

The below one exactly what I am looking forward.Like its full-sized counterpart, the Classic tote is made for the 7am-10pm lifestyle. It features the same clever construction but with a slimmer shape and fold-down handles for tighter situations (like balanced on your lap for the commute or tucked under your chair for cocktails). The roomy interior includes a padded compartment with a magnetic closure to keep a 13” laptop or tablet safe, while pockets hold your wallet, phone, metro card and lip balm in place.







Plus, a detachable key leash keeps keys easily accessible and an oversized, brushed metal zipper allows you to effortlessly open and close your bag.



My feelings about the tote best: “It’s no longer good enough to just be ‘arm candy’. Nowadays we expect the services and products we use to multitask, to be data-driven and to work harder,” Mash told Business Insider. I think this one was the best handbag  and it is popular in the market .





Here is the size of this bag.I need a work bag that’s working for me, not against me. And like the rest of Dagne Dover’s customer base, I lead a fast-paced, on-the-go life and expect functional products that can adapt to my needs and perform beyond expectations. I want a product that fuses style with athlete-caliber function.

There  are a lot of color as below :


There are must one color will be  your best love.taht is a durable, stylish, work-appropriate leather bag. But, as with many things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts most.

It is practicality and versatility are key when it comes to your work bag.

Overall, practicality and versatility are key when it comes to your work bag; great style is the cherry on top of everything for this bag.